Cigar Boxes and Purses

If you are looking for an item for a lady that will surely delight, it may be said there is nothing that quite resembles the uniqueness of the cigar box purse. Individuals who are familiar with the cigar purse concept will recognize why these antique-looking boutique style purses are truly an appreciated gift. If your lady likes to carry around different satchels and is not averse to an antique-style looking purse, she'll adore your thoughtfulness in supplying her with this style of handbag. It can be said the cigar box purse with its detailing and uniqueness is truly eye-catching. The purse is an ideal gift item coming from either a man or a lady. Further, if you are handy in the area of arts and crafts, the Internet provides plenty of venues to buy supplies as well as instructions in making the purse.

However, if you do not have the time to do so, and you'd like a customized purse, there are certainly artisans presenting their wares with respect to this style of purse on-line. Many of the artisans who have crafted this type of purse have sold replicas just like it to boutiques in Paris as well as department stores in London. The purse is in a class by itself. You can purchase standard-sized purses as well as travel size varieties. The handles come either beaded or in bamboo. Further, there is usually the embellishment of brass adornment affixed to the corners of the cigar purse. The purse is around $85.00 from most retailers; and if your lady hasn't ever come across a cigar purse she'll be highly impressed. Many have beautiful old world looks and our beautifully lined. Y ou can request custom designs or allow shipment for what the retailer has in stock. The larger travel size is generally more and not all sites offer travel size cigar purses.


Again, if you want to save some dollars you can craft the purse yourself. There is a great deal of wholesale items available in order to put together the handbag. However, if you don't have the time, the approximate eighty-five dollar investment for such a unique handbag is worth every penny. Also, it is possibly the perfect gift for the woman who already, or so it seems, has everything. Men like to see women carry such a nifty boxy original bag, and women appreciate carrying it about. It receives all types of inquiry because everyone wants one similar to it.

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