Art Gifts

Do you have someone in your circle who appreciates the finer things in life? Does the person have occasion to visit galleries and pause whenever you pass an art exhibit at the main library or cultural center? A good gift suggestion is possibly an art print. However, in this area it is best to tread with caution because when giving a gift such as a print you want to make certain it is a print the person likes and something the individual can display in his or her house.

First, it is important to determine what artists the person likes. Do they prefer the old masters or are they more tuned into pop culture artists such as Andy Warhol? Do they have any interests in up and coming artists? Also, another area you need to address is what style of art they prefer. Generally, if they've been able to afford to decorate their dwelling the way they like, you'll see their art preference expressed in their interior aspect. If they like contemporary, then you'll see a great deal of geometric, round and square shaped art forms. Obviously, if they prefer the old-masters they may employ the old-style European decorations into their environment or items with a provincial style.

 However the best way to learn the person's art preferences is to take them to gallery events. Come right out and ask them what artists they like. But do not purchase their art print in their presence. This will take away the element of surprise. Just keep track of their likes and dislikes and when the time is right and they are not expecting it present them with a print by an artist they appreciate. Again, the design must be right for their home's decoration.

If they like artists that don't match with the decorating aspect of their home, you may wish to put the idea of an art print on the back burner for awhile. It may be their home is decorated in such a way that they yet can't afford to decorate it relative to their own liking; or they may be living in a roommate situation. The ideal candidate, therefore, for an art print is a person who has their dwelling decorated according to their own preferences; and where you have a good idea of what type of art appeals to them.

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