What shall we gift to our MOM DAD on their anniversary ?

Write a poem for your parents. You can create a thoughtful gift for your parents by writing them a poem. Composing a poem for your parents may feel intimidating at first, but with a little brainstorming and editing, you can come up with a short piece that can be a nice tribute to them.[5] You may collaborate with your siblings or loved ones to come up with a poem together. Discuss ideas, memories, and feelings that you associate with your parents. Then, choose a form, such as the free-verse form or a rhyming form, and try to put these ideas into the form. You may also find it useful to read wedding poems written by others to get ideas for your own poem. You can find examples of wedding poems on www.poetryfoundation.com.

Make a commemorative video. If your parents have taken a lot of photographs of themselves and the family over the years, you may try editing them together to make a commemorative video. Enlist the help of friends or family who are skilled at video production and work with them to create the video. Or try to teach yourself how to use video editing software and put the video together yourself.[6] One option is to organize the video chronologically, starting with images of your parents when they first met. Then, you may then move into images of your parents together before you were born followed by images of you all as a family. You can also include text in the video as an added touch.

4 Give them tickets to a special trip or outing. Think about a trip your parents have always wanted to do together or an outing they may enjoy as a couple. Get them tickets for the trip and put them in a nice card. They will likely appreciate the opportunity to do something together that they have always wanted to experience to celebrate their anniversary.[7] For example, perhaps your parents have always talked about going to the cloud forest in Costa Rica as a couple. You may then pool your money with your siblings and get them tickets to Costa Rica as a gift. Maybe you are looking for a gift that is affordable but still special. You may get your parents tickets to a fun, once in a lifetime event such as a hot air balloon ride or a horseback ride through the mountains.

parents anniversary gifts To Dear Mummy and Daddy, My hearty wishes to you on your Silver Jubilee Anniversary. Sorry for not being part of the celebrations. I wanted to say something to you poetically but couldn't pen. I will write my feelings as it is. This is the golden moment much awaited to stop and glare, all that you share all thru the life hurdles, you spare all the words in the marriage, you swear But I think, so far, you lived your lives for others so I pray, request with love that you just start living for you, only for you. Daddy, this is especially for you and my true feeling. Mummy loves you so much but I never feel the same passion in you for her I very much knew that you love and respect her but ( in my view) you didnt show the care and concern she deserves this is the high time she needs you the most so, my request is don't go or opt for tours and leave her alone you please be with her, listen to her heart give your company and concern to her. she is deprived of it all thru the years. Very sorry if I hurt you. But this is my feeling and I think this is the right time to speak my heart to you. I thank God on this occasion for selecting you to be my parents. You are the greatest gifts HE has given to me. You gave me the sweet sibling. I need not wish for anything, so long as you are with me. You showered me with all the love, you made this world a wonderful place to live in. But Sorry Mom and Dad! I could never satisfy any of your wish. Forgive me. With all the Love, yours naughty child.