My name is Amrit. I am a documentary film-maker and a wedding photographer based in India. I want to change the present culture of extreme tendencies where one has to be either a die-hard fan of someone / something or the worst critique. You cannot always hate Modi. You cannot always like Modi. You cannot always hate Kejriwal. You cannot always like Kejriwal. You cannot always hate a Salman Khan movie. You cannot always like a Salman Khan movie. You get the drift. But that is exactly what we have reduced ourselves to.

Every coin has two sides. Becoming a fan or a hater blinds us from appreciating different point of views on any issue, on it’s own merit. It creates an unnecessary divide in our society. And I hate that. Neutral News is for everyone who agrees with this philosophy.

At present, I have one part-time paid for writer – Neha (she works from home). I haven’t yet figured out how to make money from a news site like this, so for now, I have been paying for the articles from my own pockets. Few more writers did contribute to some earlier posts (for free) – but they couldn’t do so regularly. I write articles myself too – when I can and so I totally understand the effort that goes behind doing good research and then putting together a neutral article worth reading – not easy to sustain for everyone. If you would like to join me in this “let’s neutralize the way we consume News” movement, you can reach out to me via email: contact@neutralnews.in (suggestions are welcome too)!

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