Masaan – the good and the bad

The Good

  • Everything looks real – the people, the scenes, the places, the way they speak, the clothes they wear, the way they react to things. Every fu**ing thing!
  • Amazing acting by everyone. I loved the lead actor and the girl he loved, the most.
  • The movie almost never gets boring (which it could easily get, given the kind of movie it is). It is difficult to edit it any better.
  • The two stories that run in parallel throughout the movie are very simple and yet, beautiful to watch. Also, the way the two stories connect together, is nice to see.
  • The love story bit touches your heart and feels so genuine that it will be difficult to forget some of the images for a long time.
  • The music is mind-blowingly good; it is haunting.

The Bad

  • Frankly speaking, there is nothing “bad” about this movie at all – the only thing that I can think of, that personally bothered me was that, in spite of the somewhat ‘positive’ end, the movie left me with too much of grief to handle.

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