Bajrangi Bhaijaan – the good and the bad

Just in case you are still in doubt about what the story is, it is about an Indian guy who runs into a lost kid from Pakistan (which he of course does not know for a long time, because the kid can’t speak; she is dumb – though not deaf). When nothing else works out, takes it upon himself to find where the kid is from, and take her there.

The Good

  • Nawazuddin Siddique
  • The plot is very clear from the beginning, and thus the story holds even when there are few boring sub-plots here and there (mostly in the first half).
  • I like what the director did in this movie – take a super masculine He-man type figure and image of Salman Khan but not let him win over ALL situations just by physical fights, the way he usually does in most of his movies (or the way Sunny Deol kept on doing in Gadar when he went to Pakistan). I also liked the fact that it was made clear at a certain point in the movie, that Salman Khan can obviously fight and do dhishoom dhishoom (in a very limited way though). But the reason he let himself be beaten a lot of times in the movie, was because he chose not to fight.
  • The heroine (though Kareena’s role is limited) takes the lead when it comes to relationships.
  • The subtle way in which the concept of borders is ridiculed (thank God – no overdramatic speeches where made around this subject)
  • The subtle way in which religious divide is ridiculed

The Bad

  • Way too many unrealistic scenarios to handle (may be that’s expected from a Salman Khan movie; I haven’t seen his last half a dozen movies or so)
  • You wish there were more of Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the movie
  • The end was unnecessarily over-dramatic and a tad too long

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